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I HAve A 2000 Yamaha XL 1200 LTD
I Just Bought it Upgrade From My 1989 Sea Doo.
Guess I Got A Bad Deal. Wa Working A Little Finicky.
It Would Shoot Like A Rocket Sometimes And The Next Min. Be At Full RPM And Go 8-10 MPH ( Hit 51 MPH While Moving Good)
Cat Sensor Was Buzzing/Flashing Most Times We Took It Out.( But The Engine Compartment Was A Nice Temp Not Really Over Heating.
So I took It to A Yamaha Dealer.
They CAme Up With The Following.
Needs New Impeller
Needs New Cat Sensor
Needs Power VAlves Adjusted, Cleaned, Or Replaced.
Needs Vacum Bilge Replaced.

Are They Yanking My Chain Or Could All This Really Cause me Issuse?
Anything More Likley?

Came Up With Estimate ( With Cleaning Valves Only) Of 1495.00
I Just PAid 2500 For It. Do Not HAve That CAsh Laying Around.

I Found And HAve Bought The Following.
New Impeller
D Plate And Cat By PAss Chip.( Instead Of Cat Senosor).
Electic Bilge

If Any One Knows Of A Place To Get Step By Step DIY Directions On The Replacement/Installation Of These.
Please Let me Know.
Or If You Know How Please Help me Out And Type The Step By Step Process Here.
Also If The Power VAlves Are Able To Be Cleand Or Adjusted. Please Let Me Know How.
Thank you!!!!!:appl:

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The power valves and the Cat are very well known problems with that model. The D plate mod. is the best bet with the Cat. If they do the power valves you should have them install the waveeater clips at the same time to keep them from falling into the cylinder and causing real damage.

Impeller problems are rare unless you ran something through that really chewed it up. I'd make them show me what was wrong with the impeller before I'd replace it. Much more common is a need to replace the wear ring.

Bilge pump replacement is also rare, but should be cheap. You could do that yourself.
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