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I have a 2006 Seadoo RXT, recently it got flooded in salt water. Engined was flushed & fixed by a jet ski mechanic workshop OK. However even with the lanyard (safety cord) taken out, the instrument panel would regularly light up for a fraction of a second every 20 seconds and then go off (you could hear a relay activating in the engine bay at the same time). The workshop replaced the instrument panel (didn't fix the problem, so put the old one back in), then replaced the jet-ski's computer chip with a second-hand one, which did appear to fix the problem. However I just tool it out fir the first time again, and flushed out the engine bay with a hose afterwards to get rid of any salt water, and the same problem is back. Any ideas on what could be causing the instrument panel to - all by itself - regularly flash on for a fraction of a second about every 20 seconds (even though the lanyard is not attached and so the jet ski should not have any power), and how to fix?
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