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I spotted a 1997 700 selling cheap and not running. The exhaust manifold on the rear cylinder has a big crack in it where it attaches to the engine, and the compression was about 97psi. The front cylinder had about 65psi but then i noticed that one of the four big nuts that hold the base of the cylinder to the engine on the front cylinder is missing-just gone. Nothing else looks messed with.

So my question is this-what are the chances that upon replacing that nut, and the cracked exhaust manifold, that it will come back to life? Top end rebuild? new motor? I know there is no way of knowing for sure, but the fact that it does have some compression, was running recently, and is missing this cylinder nut makes me wonder. The mystery is why the rear cylinder exhaust manifold cracked, while its the front cylinder that is missing the nut.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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