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Hello everyone. I am new to the forums and have also found some great information here.I bought a 2001 Poaris genesis from a former coworker and that s when all the problems began......
My question or questions begin here. This is my first jet ski so please bear with me if some of the questions seem not very edgucated.
The jet ski had sit before i bought it and has sit at least another 3 years since i got it due to title problems but I finally got that solved and decided it was time to get this running for the boys.
I took it to a dealer who basically told me that polaris skis are junk and i should consider maybe putting a outboard on it and charged me 65 dollars to tell me that...anyway i digress.. The ski has fire and compression on all 3 cylendars.It cranks over well after the new starter was put on and it has a new battery.
My first question is how can i check out fuel pump without just swapping parts and or throwing away money? I have checked the wire going ot it and i show 12 volts on wire on right hadn side of plug going into fuel pump. the 2 middle wires are for the sending unit and the otherwire on left hand side i presume is the ground. Is there a sensor that possible breaks he ground to keep pump from running?
Can someone tell me how to tell is emm is good or not? i Was told by a seller on ebay if i have fire emm should be good.
I look forward to getting some much needed help/info and thanks guys.
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