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Polaris SL700 HELP!!!

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Hey guys, newbie here. So glad to find the site!!! But I really need some help on my polaris. Its a 97 SL700. I got it from my mother in law last spring. She couldn't get it to run right so she just gave me the thing. So I did all the usuals, changed the gas,m oil, filters, battery, plugs, & cleaned the carb. It'll crank up and run fine. Which is further than she got it. BUT it will not open up. In the summer I got it to maybe half throttle. But, it takes it a while to plane out and get on top of the water. And with the gas wide open it wont open the rest of the way up. I pulled both plugs to check 'em out and one looked fine, but the other looked fouled out. So I'm hopein thats not internal! But any help I sure would apreiate it! I hate to give up on it, b/c its still in great shape.
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You need to do a compression test.You should be able to buy a tester at any auto parts store.
Remember to have both spark plugs removed.Hold throttle wide open when cranking the engine.
i would rebuild the carb and fuel pump
OK thanks, i'll try the compression test first! Thanks alot!
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