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polaris SLTH and........

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i recently acquired a 99 slth for almost nothing. one problem. has no engine and was basically everything possibly bolted on was taken off. i was told it was used as a parts ski. anywayz im starting to work on it and have been going through what i do have taking inventory of what i need to get. question is what other polaris models are compatible with the slth mainly talking motors. im not really worried about making the gauges or anything work. so swapping in a bigger motor is possible just wondering what my options are here since i see alot of the polaris models being parted out. Another question is does anyone know of boat/pwc salvage yards located in or around nevada? figure being so close to lake mead theres bound to be atleast one but im not having any luck finding one thanks.
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The SLH models utilized the same engine...just came in a two seater hull instead of your three seater. Go to this link and you can find all the parts to your watercraft and do a search by part number and it will show you the other watercraft that used that same part...very nice feature!
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