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I have a Polaris SLTX 1050CC 1997 ski. It seems to be fireing only on 2 cylinders. I have done a few tests

1 . Tested all igntion coils (fine)
2. Tested Stator & Trigger Coils (fine)

I am not getting spark on the Mag Cylinder (Cylinder #1), if i swap the MAG and PTO signal outputs from the CDI, into the ignition coil box, i get spark on the Mag Coil thus i can assume the ignition coil is working. Second if i swap the signal inputs from the stator into the CDI, (Swap MAG with PTO inputs), i get a spark on the PTO, so i can assume the Stator is working.

So this leaves me with the CDI it's self. Is it possible that the CDI is not working on all three cylinders? ie not sparking the MAG coil?, has anyone seen this event before? Any advice on this issue to be great.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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