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I am possibly acquiring a 1995 Polaris 750 SLT. Someone I know has it and it has been ridden since 2001 I think, that is the last license sticker on it anyways). It has been stored outside, (We live in the Low Country of SC). It looks in very good condition, the engine compartment was dry when i opened it and everything looks good. Obviously the battery is no good, I was going to buy a battery but wanted to see what else I needed to look at. The gas is good in it and the oil is good (no water). Where would I hook a hose up to try and start it? I want to start it on land on the trailer (and i know to start it before turning the water on the hose) but what else should i do prior to trying to start it? Just curious, want something to just start messing with, next spring i know a guy who will be selling 2 kawasaki's with trailer for 8500. Just wondering if the Polaris is even worth messing with?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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