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Possibly buying SL750

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I have been thinking about buying a 94 SL 750 for $800 with trailer. Does this sound like an ok deal. This will be my first PWC. I am coming from the MX world where I only ride honda and not really a polaris fan. Please give me some advice.
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I would stay away from the Polaris as I have an 95 SL750 as I burn up two set of pistons in 3 years. Since it was free to me I now got over $1,000 with a few disappointing trips back to from the lake and countless garage hours. It seems the fuji engine will burn up pistons as I never had a 2 stoke so determine to do so. If you don't do your own mechanic work you will pay more than the ski is worth. Myself, I'm in the last attempt to "fix" it as the lean condition which will burn up a piston can be caused by a number of failures in the sytem.
This is what I'm doin.
Fuel lines, so replacing the now 15 yr old fuel lines and filters is a must
Triple fuel pump - if it not new, rebuild it, but replace the factory single outlet one.
Carburetors - rebuild them very carefully as set to factory settings, High speed is different for each.
Reed valves - if any gap is seen replace them with New quality ones like Boysen
Leak/pressure test the crankcase, but I would replace the crank seals as they are old
Use Three bond 1211 /Yamabond / Hondabond when as the sealer on crankcase.
Now I'm going to put a EGT monitor system on the #$% #$ thing to see when then exhaust temp goes over 1200F to shut the unit down before a melt down occurs.
But ask your self do you want a PWC and have fun or spend hours in the garage.
Just one man's opinion.
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