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Possibly buying SL750

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I have been thinking about buying a 94 SL 750 for $800 with trailer. Does this sound like an ok deal. This will be my first PWC. I am coming from the MX world where I only ride honda and not really a polaris fan. Please give me some advice.
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Polaris is thje best brand and only brand that id buy for sports equipment. My sled starts in two pulls any day and its from 92. I just bought a 96 sl650 with a 780 and it has great power. Just because someone doesnt take care of their machine and burns up pistons does not make it the machines fault. Take care of your ride and it will take care of you. Personally I would go for that great deal just make sure compression is good you may need new head gaskets like i had to get.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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