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I just purchased a 2006 Kawasaki STX 15F. This is the first personal watercraft I have owned and I have a few questions about the post trip checklist. I want to make sure I take perfect care of this machine.

It says at the end of the trip I need to open it up and make sure there is no water in the engine compartment, if there is, I need to remove the drain plugs. That part seems pretty self-explanatory.

It also says I need to fire it up when it is dry and blow any water out of the exhaust system. Isn't that supposed to be dangerous to fire it up when it is out of water? The manual says not to do it for more than 15 seconds. However, when I got it out of the water on Wednesday, I had to run it for about 12 seconds three times before all the water was out! That makes me nervous!

So I suppose what I'm asking for is, what do I need to do after each trip, in order to keep this thing in immaculate condition? Any other general tips would be great as well for a newbie!

Thank you!
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