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I bought a 95 Kaw Sts 650 for $500 this week (inc the trailer.) this PWC will get used a couple times a year at most, and I am NOT looking to dump a ton of money into it. HOWEVER, I would like to have the trim control working. Guages would be nice. Suuposedly they just died right before I bought the thing. Also, fuel guage gives me two bars no matter how much fuel is in it. Interested in thoughts on whether this is the sending unit or the guage itself. Suspecting sending unit.

I have already checked the fuse block. Yup... fuses are good. I went ahead and opened both electronics boxes. Neither were wet inside. No corrosion found. the Box under the seat has clearly been modified. The blu/grn/red/purple cluster has been unplugged. The red and purple wires are cut. The blue and green are intact... but whatever they are supposed to plug into is missing. all I have is the plug side on the wires running out. There is nothing in the box to plug them into. Any ideas? Will hardwire these into wherever they go. Only other loose connection I have found is a pair of blue wires with a green connector that is right under the front of the seat. I do not see anything for this to plug into... and I have looked.everywhere.

The oil pump has been removed and I am mixing 50:1 in the tank. This would cook the crank on my snowmobile as the 2 stroke has to pump through the crankshaft... however, I have been repeatedly told this is common on PWCs. true?

This little toy seems to run well and I will get a lot of enjoyment out of it... but I would like to get it working correctly. Any help would be appreaciated.

Thanks again,
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