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Power loss

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I Have a Bombarider 1998 and it cant get over 10knots it used to go like the clackers but I cant understand the sudden power loss, it tries to go harder but just cant get up and go, ? does this sound like the battery, the fuel line or somthing much worse. it revs fine when being flushed out but when in the water just dies?

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Have you ever replaced your wear ring if not thats probably the problem. It's considered maintinence on Seadoos, because it's plastic. Where as on most other makes it's aluminum so it will almost never wear out.

and if thats not the problem I would check the splines on the drive shaft.
The wear rings WEAR out on all brands, SeaDoo uses plastic so it's easily replaced, others use Stainless so it lasts longer. Doesn't really matter between the two and that could easily be your problem. BUT there are other things that can casue this symptom. Did this just start or did it gradually get worse?
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