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I was winterizing my pair of 2002 GTI LE's. I fogged them both yesterday so after work today I decided to put in the antifreeze. I clamped off the lines like instructed, disconnected the water inlet hose, connected a short hose and funnel through which I poured the antifreeze. A short time later, antifreeze came out the small drain hole on the front left of the craft. HERE

So, I let it set for a minute then disconnected the clamps and let the remainer of the anti-freeze drain out.

I proceeded to sea-doo #2 and followed the same procedure. But, when I poured the anti-freeze in it started coming out right where the large black hose runs from the engine block to what I'm assuming is the exhaust manifold. You can see the black hose here.

The anti-freeze appeared to be coming from right where the hose connects to the exhaust manifold (am I calling it the correct thing?) I figured maybe there was a hole in the hose. Unfortunately I was wrong. After damn near crawling inside the craft I noticed there was a hole in the gray colored pipe, directly behind the black hose.

So, can someone explain to me what this is and how I need to get it fixed? Thanks for looking.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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