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ok i have a 2001 stx di 1100. thought i may have a problem with one if the injectors.... but i was told by my mechanic to get new plugs and move the fuel injector from cylinder 3 and move it to another cylinder and see if just that one injector is messed up or it is the computer not sending correct info to the 3rd cylinder. I went for a test run today with new plugs 30min later i came back flushed the engine and all the plugs were fouled up.

Mention to note during my ride the oil light came on. oil display showed 3/4 then to 1/4 and that is when the light cam on after a min it went back to 3/4.
during flushing i looked and the oil tank is about 1/4 if not less.....

So back to the original question is there something i should look for if all the plugs are being fouled... being gas to oil mix not being correct... too much gas or too much oil?

need help
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