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hey guys,
im a complete rookie when it comes to jetski's. but i wanted to get into it so i bought a 2nd hand waverunner 650 LX 93 model off ebay.
the previous owner said he hadnt been out on it for a year or so and that it had also been rebuilt at some stage.

when i took it out for the first time i realised it was blowing quite a lot of smoke and it was very (very) slow. i then spoke to the previous owner over the phone and he said it could be the spark plugs need changing..or the fuel is stale...or impella?? could be dry so i was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions what it might be ?

if not...

what spark plugs should i buy ? as the jetski is kept 200k's away from my house.
how do i replace the current tank of fuel with new ?

many thanks, josh (Bondi beach, Australia)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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