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I have had this 95 Polaris 780 for about a year. I have rebuilt the carbs, fixed the fuel lines, replaced the fuel pump (3 output), CDI box, and spark plugs. The jet pump is in good condition, compression is good, no water in gas, starts every time, and idles good, accelerates good, but after you give it full throttle and you get up on plane for about 30 to 40 sec it stalls out and does a nose dive, if I start feathering the throttle when it stalls it will usually pick back up and will not die, then I can do go through this cycle all over again (I was able to get it to run around the lake about 5 times but that is the longest I have able to go without it stalling). Even when you give it about ½ throttle it still stalls but takes a little longer but not a as harsh as when at full throttle. Kind of like I am running the carbs out of gas and then feathering the throttle until the gas catches back up (but same results with 3 different fuel pumps).

I am running mixed gas not sure what the mix ratio is, but to be safe I have been running about 32:1 to 40:1. I am thinking this is my problem. It smokes at idle and the spark plugs are usually gas/oil fouled. Also I do have a little hotter spark plug than comes stock.

Any suggestions
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