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Procedures after flipping ski

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I haven't been jet skiing in about 7 years, and last weekend I decided to buy a 98 Seadoo XP. Yesterday, I was attempting to do tricks I did when I was a very athletic teenager, but I leaned a little too far and flipped the ski right over. I know one important step is making sure you turn it upright in the correct direction...luckily, they put that little picture on the back of the ski to remind u which way to go. But after that I was somewhat unsure what to do or what not to do. Can anyone lay out specific steps one should take after turning your ski upside down?? I was afraid to start it up, so I just swam it back to shore. All i really knew what to do after that was take out the spark plugs and turn it on for a few seconds to make sure there is no water in the cylinders. Is there more steps I should have taken?? Secondly, I am trying to put together a "kit" of tools to keep in my car and a smaller one to keep in the ski. Does anyone have suggestions as to what I should include in each kit? I have little knowledge on the technical aspect of jet skis, but i do want to be a responsible owner and learn how to properly care for my xp.
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Well first of all you will be flipping that xp regularly. They are not the most stable machines but definaltely the most fun. Good choice and congrats on your new buy.
Ok, so you know how to flip it back over according to the pic so from there here is what you need to know.
First off if you flip it over get it upright asap.
for now work on getting on it from the back, Once you become more stable on it you swim to the side, plug the tether in start it up then throttle yourself on to it.

You do not have to take the plugs out every time you flip. just get on it, start and go. if there is water in the cylinders it will not start. Thats how you know its flooded in which case you will have to swim it back.

As for tools... you can pretty much get away with the tool kit provided with the ski. id add a small adjustable wrench to it. And check your ore. The one I had which came with the machine didnt float. I assume you have all the other required tools.. rope, light etc etc

let me know if you need anything else
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I should also add one more thing. after you flip it over it would be a good idea to go for a quick little ride to get all the water out of the hull.
I found that after doing alot hard turns and submerging the machine it collected water quicker than the pump can get rid of it in which case I had to add a secondary higher flowing pump. Something for you to keep in mind for the future if you get into tricks.

Another thing you may want to get the hang of is once you have a good feel for the balance is, you will want to be able to open the hood and check for water in the hull if regularly doing tricks. dont get paraniod if you see it a few inches deep either. like I said, just go for a cruise.
This thread should be a sticky. My wife flipped our brand new yamaha vx cruiser. She got it back upright within 1 minute and we experienced no problems whatsoever with the machine for the rest of the day. There was about 2 inches of water in the bilge that we drained as soon as we took the machine out of the water. But I was a little freaked out. I read the owners manual and did everything it sugguested and all seems to be well. But I wish I would have known that it wasn't such a big deal to flip it. Would have saved me from undeservingly ragging on my wife.

Joe H.
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