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Hi, i am about to take on my winter project, i have a great ski that is fast as ..... it just has a tendency to sink.............

My ski with a K&N and a westcoast exhaust system

The hull is not very good it has a few cracks and patches not to mention the leakey bits.

So i found my self a new hull in good condition see below. My donner ski, with a lick of paint it should look great.

so before i started i thought i would scout over the ski to make sure the engine and exhaust swap would be easy, i have stripped the new hull but noticed a couple of differences in cooling system that is feed from the jet drive, before i start dismantling my ski i thought i should ask a few quick questions.

So here goes
The picture below is my ski and it has two feeds to the engine one into the block and one in to the exhaust manifold.

and the other ski just has one shown here

If i look at it from the jet end my ski has to pickup pipes and the new ski just has one?:confused:

can i fit my engine in this ski and use some sort of tee? will enough water be there to cool the engine? or am i going to need to swap the jet drives and do some plumbing? i don't really want to start drilling the hull but if needs must ;)

Any advice would be much appreciated as i am new to these Kawasaki 550's and love riding it ... a lot in a straight line :) (one day i may even be able to turn)

Thanks Gav
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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