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I finished up early today an decided to take my older Polaris on a run from my house in Poquoson Virginia to the Cheaspeake Bay Bridge Tunnel for some Toggin. I departed around 1430 and made the 23 mile run to the third island in 28 minutes with an average speed of about 52 mph, it was South at 5-10 with 1-2 seas. I fished several piles and had no luck with fiddler crabs for bait. I ran into some friends of mine, Kevin and Beth on their boat "CalssicRockfish" they kindly gave me a couple live hard crab. That turned things around for me and I caught two keepers close to them. I then ran South along the bridge and caught a couple more close to the fourth island. Nothing real big today, kept 4 Togs 16-18 inches. I took a picture of some of the pollen that was in the tide and I also saw the seals again at the fourth island. The Osprey was in my back yard. I covered 54 miles today and burned 9.5 gallons. Back and all cleaned up before dark. My kind of afternoon!

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