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Hi Everyone,

Looking to purchase used Jet Skis. New to jet skis don't want anything too fancy that will break the bank, planning to only use a few times in summer with kids. Original budget was around 5,000-6,000 for 2. I have found the following deals and wanted to see peoples opinions. Both seem mechanically good:

2006 GTX and 2005 RXP Super Chargers for $7000 with trailer. One has about 155 hours, the other the dashboard is sun faded, but owner says it has the same. He recently acquired them so they were purchased from previous owners, but says regular maintenance has been done. I do know that I will need to replace the super chargers to be safe so having them rebuilt will add about an extra $1000 making it closer to $8000. Water tested and seem to be running good.

2019 Seadoo Spark 2 and 3 up. $9,000-$10,000 with trailer depending if I get (2) 2 ups or 1 2 up and 1 3 up. All have around 155 hours. They are coming from a rental company so that is something else to consider. Owner says regular maintenance has been done. Not water tested yet, but will.

What are your opinions on these? Are these good deals? Any option seem more favorable than the other?

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For one thing I would say never believe what a seller tells you, if you can't see it for yourself or no invoice to prove work done, it wasn't done.
Get the phone number of the Service agent and ask them if they know the Ski, they can tell you if it's good or not.
Also asking which Ski to buy on a Forum is like asking for a piece of string at a hardware store :)
Each Ski has a use, sparks are toys for smaller people as they have bugger all HP compared to a real Ski, like buying a Trail Bike or a Street bike, they both have different uses.
Want to go fishing, don't buy a spark, get a three seater real Ski, want to tow anything useful like a Skier or Wakeboard, Tubes, get a decent HP jet ski.
Want to go cruising the bay or Island hoping forget the Spark.
Want stability to go fishing get a three seater proper ski.
Want to play in close to shore or following a boat to do wake jumping or wave jumping and tricks, get a spark, just remember just like a trail bike compared to a street bike, one will cost you more to maintain, same as the tiny four cylinder cars compared to a V6 or V8 engine, you get far more miles from a V8 than a four cylinder.
Size of engines make a difference in Jet Skis as well, the smaller the engine the more it has to work or the more boost required to get the same HP as a larger engine, also a two or three cylinder needs to do more work and won't last as long as a four cylinder.
One other thing, Seadoo owners will tell you Seadoo, Yamaha owners will tell you Yamaha and Kawasaki owners will prefer Kawasaki, no one will tell you Honda or Polaris ;).
Never ask a biased owner, get advice from a mechanic that works on all models, it's what I did before I bought my Ski as I was a Kawasaki owner for three decades, sold my last two Pole Skis and wanted a multi purpose Ski, went and saw three local mechanics and all three said Yamaha, Kawasaki and then Seadoo, now it may be different where you live as cars are different in different Countries.
The Ski mechanics will know what's best for your area, they will also be able to tell you cost of maintenance per year.
I was lucky as there are 6 Ski workshops in my area, three dealers for the three brands and three shops that repair all models, only one does Two strokes and they only do them for regular customers now, five of them won't touch two strokes.
Anyway hope you get what you are after, just make sure you know what you want them for, their main use and get the Ski that fits that purpose best :)
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