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How many hours would be considered old and "trouble in the future" for a pwc engine? 4 stroke and 2 stroke?

Do all PWC have hour meters?

Looking to buy and need to know some basics.

Looking at one out of the water, anything you can really look for?

Should I insist on a test ride?

I know about motorcycles but this is new territory.


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All of your newer PWC's will have hour meters unless it is a stand up model. As far as how many hours is considered a lot, that really depends I think on the care of the ski. For example, my stand up has well over 150 hours on it with most of that being in salt water, and ridden in the waves, wave jumping or in the ocean just having fun so some people might think that my stand up is close to the end of it's life expectancy because it has been ridden primarily in salt water as opposed to fresh. However, my stand up, as well as my Ultra 150 have both been babied and have been taken care of very well. Both run just as strong as the day I bought them and have never really had any issues. I have also though kept them bone stock and I think that is also a contributing factor as well because once you start hopping up the motors with a bunch of aftermarket parts, then your reliability goes down.

As far as you test riding one, yes, insist that you at the very least see the thing run in the water. The ski, may sound great out of the water but once it is in it, it can run like crap when it has the load of the water circulating through the engine or possibly has a bad impeller or pump. Look the ski over for any damage or broken parts and ask how well it has been kept up.
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