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PWC, How to get rid of them

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fu$king sailors, u guys think u own the waterways
just because we have $ to buy a motor and be in full control does not mean u have the right away dip-$hit!
i hate u guys when I'm in SF bay coming in form a long hard day at see and all i see is 10 guys dressed in red hanging your feet of the deck so Ur boat does not flip, paying no attention to what the fu$k u r doing except if my sail is in the right wind direction

get a clue guy, no way in 1 million years will u ever get rid of PWC or powerboats
you know I also own a sailboat(14' hobie cat) as well as 2 seadoos, and I have found that sail boat owners can be tremendous assholes.

If you really want to piss them off remind them that a jet ski pulling a tube or skier has the Right of Way over a sailboat (in most states).. it generally pisses them off.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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