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PWC Ramp

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Hello Folks,
I'm new to this forum, but have found it to be very helpful. Was wondering if anyone knew of a company that sold a PWC ramp, that would load/unload an 1100 stx from pickup truck bed. Im also open to any ideas on making a home made one as well. didnt want to spend too much on something I would use just a limited amount of times during the year. I have a travel trailer and would like to also take the ski with us on vacations.

Thanks alot
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Do you mean something like a floating dock?
somebody did this
i think he had a winch on the pick up bed with rollers
Use a 4x8 peice of plywood (or w/e will fit your truck bed) put 2 trailer bunkers mounted up a few inches off the plywood. then get a winch arm and mount it to the front of the plywood. This way you slide the plywood out of the bed of the truck so it is at an angle. Then you winch the ski up onto the bunkers, tie the ski onto the front of the plywood. Then you unclip the ski from the winch and clip the wire from the winch onto the back of the cab, then you winch the whole plywood with ski into the truck bed. If I still had autocad I'd design a blueprint for you but I have a new computer and it doesn't have autocad yet. feel free to ask questions, We designed one of these at our cabin up a bulkhead. same concept except it goes into the back of the truck instead of the lawn.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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