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Hello to all, I am a Senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Industrial Design. For my Senior Studio I have decided to focus on Personal Watercrafts and looking at making them safer and more comfortable for users. I am looking for any and all input that i can get as it will be very helpful since i know the bare minimum and do not own a PWC. I have ridden a couple PWCs from Polaris' and Yamahas and more recently a '07 Sea Doo GTI.

First off i want to know what people's experiences and thoughts are with Off Throttle Steering. I personally have not ever had a problem with the issue as i was told and have retained that if you let off the throttle you wont be able to steer. I was able to test out Sea-Doo's Off Power Assisted Steering (OPAS) and put it to the test and i was not very impressed with the system. Did not perform the way i had imagined it would.

Also an issue i had an issue with Sea-Doos throttle control. As you use the thumb rather then the index finger and i noticed that the hand/thumb gets really fatigued after holding it for a while. Are there any other companies that do it differently? As well as your opinions on that.

I have also noticed an issue with the footwells as well as seating. On my most recent ride as well as previous rides ive noticed that my inner ankles come back bruised as well as inner thighs having some bruising. As though the seats might be a little too wide.

Like i said these are just some of the issues that i have experienced. Any other experiences/issues that any of you all have had is greatly appreciated. Right now i am in the research phase and gathering as much contextual research as i can. I am looking for more design issues with the riders experience then mechanical issues.

Thank You,
Chris Woo
Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design
[email protected]l
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