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pwc step

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Figured i’d post this. I installed a seadoo spark step on my tigershark. If you have the deeper hull design then you know reboarding can be a chore. This is on one of my 900’s that i pull tubes with. The step comes wth two upper and lower holes. I bought 4 stainless through bolts with nylon washers on outside and stainless washers with locknuts for inside. I didn’t like threading bolts and having fiberglass trying to hold it and possibly pullout. I took a pic of box that i ordered on amazon. $100 so not exactly cheap. I noticed my kids would have a hardtime boarding after falling/flying off tubes and i had trouble in deepwater if i wanted to cooloff also. My shallow hull skis don’t need steps but the deeper ones can be challenging. Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire Hood Automotive design
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