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The XLT is going to be faster if that is a consideration (60 mph +). It will also come with more headaches in the long run. Rebuilding carbs, eventually rebuilding engine, worry about the oil injector system failing, this model also has power valves, which are prone to fail, catalytic converter failure, adding oil, etc..

These days, I would not recommend a used 2 stroke ski to a new owner, unless you have pretty good mechanical skills, and really know what to look for in each specific model. I think it is harder to buy a 2 stroke ski, because there are so many different things you have to be aware of that you don't find on the 4 stokes (like the power valve problem I mentioned above).

200 hours on the FX is nothing. On 2 stoke skis you would probably be looking at rebuilding something at that point. 2002 was the first year for the FX. The only problem that I'm aware of with that model, is that the motor mounts were prone to break if you do a lot of rough water riding. The FX will be easier to maintain and give a little better fuel economy. Top speed will be 53-54 mph.

With the 2 strokes, I'd definitely recommend doing a compression check before you buy. Low hours mean nothing.........much more important is how the ski was maintained. For any ski, I highly recommend a test ride before you buy = most important thing you can do before laying down some cash.
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