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I have a kawasaki STX-15F 2007 with some mods:
RIVA STX-F Performance Power Filter Kit
RIVA STX-F Free Flow Exhaust Kit (without primary water box mod)

When I start full accelerate the engine goes to 7250 rpm and accelerate high and progresive to maximun speed round to 64 miles from jet tacho.
Now I have installed a:
Solas Concord Impeller KG-CD-14/21
and when I start full gas the engine goes to 6250 rpm, increase a little with the speed and ends near 7000 to 7250 with maximun speed of 66 to 67 from jet tacho.
I thing I have lost acceleration and when the jet goes from 30 to 44 miles the sound it's not ok for me.
Also with this impeller the sound of the engime is diferent, it is more bass.
In the jet specification say maximum power 160 psi at 7500 rpm, and maximun torque at 7250 rpm, then with this impeler I can goes with maximun power and torque in acceleration. I am going 1000 rpm lower.
Is it the KG-CD-14/21 the best choice then?
I´m from Spain and the fuel we use is 95 Octanes.

Today I have tried 98 octanes fuel. When I start full gas the engine goes to 6500 rpm . But the impeler seems to be to long. the engine dosn't arrive to maximun torque and rpm.
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