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I bought a 2001 Sea Doo GTI, everything ran great. I took it to the local dealership to have them look at it to see if there was anything it needed and to see if it needed any routine maintenance. They tuned it up and replaced the oil compartment.
I took it out to the lake..ran good for about and hour and a half, then it started bogging down. You could give it gas, but it wouldnt go. Then a few minutes later it was fine. After doing this a few times, I took it out of the water and opened the drain plugs. Well to my horror, the dealership serviceman left a shop rag in the motor and my motor shredded it up.
I took the Sea Doo back to the dealership and explained the rag problem and mentioned that they didnt strap down the battery either. Well they evidently cleaned out the driveshaft area and said the rag issue has been fixed and my Sea Doo is running fine again.
I took the Sea Doo out to the lake and the same thing happened..ran good for about an hour and a half, then started bogging down.
I went back to the dealership and now they said my fuel lines need replaced and the carberatur needs cleaned..and that this has nothing to do with the shop rag going thru the motor.They want to charge me $250.
Would this be correct? This thing has been in their shop 4 out of the 5 weeks ive owned it. Why didnt they tell me the lines needed replaced the first time I brought it in? The service manager said that the rag did not go thru the gas lines or carberatur...but it was shredded all up in the motor and was coming out of the drain plugs in the back of the sea doo. Any advice of information?
Alright then, I need to get a little better understanding as to where the rag was ingested. Because I don't think that there is anyway a rag could go thru the engine. Where would it get in? Unless he took off the carb to inspect it. But then it would have to go thru reed cages and reeds. My guess is that it got wrapped up in the drive train and shredded. You saw the bits of rag. Back to the problem, I have heard that the gray tempo lines on some models were failing and had to be replaced. You should clean your carbs every season. More than likely your problem is a fuel delivery issue. Which could be related to a dirty carb and bad fuel lines. I agree the whole rag thing is bogus. But I don't think it relates to your problem. I own three Seadoos and have to say that having the right dealer is key to continued satisfaction.

Did they check your fuel filter as well. If you don't know when it was last changed, CHANGE IT. Also RAVE valves sticking can also affect performance.
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