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Has anyone experience this it has 40 hours on it. I ran it about a month ago and ran fine let is sit filled it up with more gas 92 Octane and now run it for while then all of a sudden at top end i felt something then now at idle it has like a mis or shake to engine. I pulled plugs and nothing looks horrible but i am going to change them any way? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Also seems looking out back of ski their is and awful lot of turbulence of water maybe i am crazy but it looks alot more then normal? I can still run it and it will still get to top speed seems main issue is at idle. My plan is chain plugs and put new fuel in i think older fuel had stabilizer in it? Thanks again email is [email protected]
You may have caught something in the impeller. Fishing line is a common problem. I does not take much to cause a vibration. You may have to pull off the intake grate to get a good look.
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