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I'm in the market of buying a jet ski but completely new to it all. I have rode one before, but it has been very long ago, at least 5 or 6 years now.

I'm basically wanting something me and the girlfriend can take out to the lake and ride, but also be able to invite a friend or two along to go ski with us. At most time I want to have fun just riding with 2 people on the ski around the lake doing whatever. I also want to be able to pull a 3rd passenger behind it on a ski at times.

Because of this I'm looking at a 3 seat jet ski, but my only question is how much maneuverability am I going to loose? Most of the time will just be spent with 2 of us on it, so I don't want to loose the ability to make turns and ride around and such just so I can pull someone behind me on a ski, or invite a 3rd person to ride along to and fro.

Hopefully my question make some sense to someone.

Thanks in advanced,
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