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I have a 1996 Kawasaki SXI 750 stand up... I want to know if there is anything else that I can do to it to make it scary fast????
Here are the mods that it already has:

Mariner intake grate
R & D Ride pLATE
Twin Ocean pro vortex filters
West coast head
R & D Pipe

I also have a 1994 SJ and I think it will smoke the Kawasaki but I'm not sure does anyone have an idea why since the kawasaki has a bigger motor. Here are the mods that it has:

Water Cross Ride Plate
The intake grate is a racing one that goes perty far in the water I want to say that it is a pro-tech but I'm not sure.
K & N air filters
Factory pipe
Msd ignition
ADA racing head
Beef-it pole
Bildge pump

Give me your opinions and any helpful hints to make the Kawasaki go faster
Also I would like to know where you can buy footholds some where in the US

THanks for your help

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The weight to horsepower ratio is better on the Superjet. Even though you have a bigger motor it is heavier and the hull is a little heavier too.

What do you have for impeller? Port job and boring will definitely spunk it up in combination with the correct pitch impeller for your set up.
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