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Alright so I am in the market for a ski, and I am a first time owner.

I am looking at a Yamaha waveblaster for 1200. Everything is in good condition and runs good.


I just found a 1989 Kawasaki x2 650cc on craigslist today.

Called about it today and this is what I was told:

Was last registered in 1990, and supposidly stored from then on indoors. He says it looks brandnew. Started it, but didnt ride it (not sure what that means, he was pretty old, lol).

Anywho, Im going to go look at it Wednesday, what should I look for on it? Or should I just not get it at all?? He said he wants $500 for it but sounded unsure on the price.

I am guessing I would have to rebuild the carb since it sat so long, and probibly replace fuel lines.

Do you guys think it would be too much work to get going, I would like to ride it this year (live in Wisconsin)

Any help would be awsome

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Sounds like a great deal to me.

The only thing that I would recommend to you to do if you pick it up is...

replace the crank seals. These have a tendency to dry up if the unit is not run on a regular basis. They then leak air causing a lean burn. This burns out the bottom end main bearing (usually on the driveshaft side).

I have rebuilt 4 different motors now due to this.

You could take your chances, and if it does only have a few hrs on it they could be in good shape.
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