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R12 / R12X Tow Tube?

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Can an R12 or R12x tow a rider in a tube? I haven't read the entire owners manual, but I can't seem to find whether or not you can safely tow either a person on a ski or in a tube.

Thank you...
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Just in case anybody else runs across this message, it turns out (at least in MD (maybe other states)) that a three-seater jetski is required because there needs to be at least one observer. Also, just in case something happens to the person on a ski, there needs to be room for them on the jetski.
I've towed multiple tubes at the same time with my was illegal yes, but the police thought my ski was a three seater two weeks ago when they came over to talk to me about a boat i saved the week before, so I'm on their good side, they think it's a three pretty sure im set. :) it was alot of fun!
You can Tow it no problem just depends on your local police dude
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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