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I have a 92 vxr 650 Yamaha with similar rattle. I have been told it is the vibration damper. Which looks like a big rubber clover leaf. It fits between
the engine and the drive shaft coupler. Ours does exactly what you are discribing. At idle kind of noisey and at cruise speed, but full on throttle
the noise goes away. I'm not sure what your model has you may want to look into it. On ours the motor must be pulled to replace it.
The noise may be some what annoying but unless the rubber breaks appart
making things (out of ballance ) It will just be the noise you deal with.
I priced the replacement part for the vxr at $13 But a good deal of labor to
put it in.

find out whats in there !

Sink_Sank_Sunk out !
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