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Okay, I'm sold on this jetskiing...Bought a tigershark 770 tsl..very happy with it and have ridden a couple others including a honda...I'm thinking of buying a better preferences are as follows...what did you think would be a good choice?? looking for maybe 3-4 years old in the 5,000 range.. thanks for any input!

dry ride(important)
able to handle a good chop
relatively fast (at least a 1200?)
4 stroke(preferable)
3 seater-just because
stable, good storage and easy to work on a plus
Ok, so you want to upgrade. Assuming you want a good ski for all types of water and conditions, IMO Seadoo would be a logical choice. The 2005 -2006 RXT is in the price range you're looking for.

It handles chop well and is fairly dry.
It is fast it runs out at 63-65 MPH.
4 stroke supercharged
comfortable three seater
stable at idle
great storage and IMO easy to maintain
Reverse lever is on the left for safer shifting instead of the gas side
Standard fold down boarding step
Closed loop cooling system
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