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Help! My PWC starter won't engage, I removed gas and oil tnks, all exhaust including manifold and finally got the starter out. Turns out the starter motor is fine. I was surprised to see the bendix is located inside the housing for the flywheel. My CD format repair manual only talks about removing the flywheel housing cover AFTER pulling the engine from the water craft hull.

Has anyone replaced the bendix, can I get those covers (looks like two layers of them) from the front of the engine without pulling the engine out?

Once I get the covers off, does the bendix need a puller or does it come off by hand? It doesnt appear to be bolted. Please tell me the flywheel doesn't prevent the bendix from being removed.

Finally for reassembly, I have torque values for the bolts but which surfaces need gaskets or permanex? As you can tell, I am not a mechanic and this is the first repair this machine ever needed.
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