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I rented a 2001 Waverunner XLT 1200 for a day. My guest and his son took it out on the the lake. We were given no warning about a steering column issue. friend and his son dumped over the side a couple of times and the PWC dutifully stood upright.

I even rode it after they left and it performed short radius turn perfectly, smoothly, and rode normally.

A week after, the owner (who owns the house we rent in the summer) said they tried to take it out and his knowledgable friend noticed a crack in the steering column that needs to be replaced.

Is this something that happens when you fall off a waverunner at 20-30mph?

I asked him if perhaps somebody hit the thing as it was moored away from the shore.

Since it is 10 years old, is this a wear and tear issue?

Thanks for your help in advice

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Rental Nightmare

Sorry to hear about your bad rental experience. Renting is always a gamble. I ask is this a professional rental place or just some guy renting his out skis? Because there should be a pre ride and a post ride checklist ,like renting a car.

How to you know if

A. the steering wasn't breaking or broken before you rented it?

B. the steering was indeed broken when you returned or broken afterwards by another renter, after it took seven days to alert you to the problem.

I would definately have a problem with this guy.

Falling off a jet at the low of a speed would not crack Yamaha's steering column.

Yes that is a wear and item more so in a rental

I wouldn't give that guy a penny.:thumbsdown:
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