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Reviving my 1996 SLT780

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First of all, I'm new to this forum and am glad to see there is a place with an active Polaris section!

I've got a 1996 SLT780 that I bought new and am currently trying to revive. About 4 years ago I had the rear cylinder replaced as it was running lean and it holed a piston and scarred the cylinder walls (I kept the old parts -- not pretty!) In any case, I've not ridden it since getting it repaired and am now in the process of getting it back up and running again.

I cleaned it up this weekend and found nothing of any real concern but am sure there are things that have worn out (or should be inspected) just from the sheer time that has passed. Can anyone give me some tips on what to look for? I've got a new battery and fresh spark plugs standing by and am anxious to get this thing started.

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I'm happy to report I got it started this afternoon!

The only thing I've found so far is that the MFD shows next to no gas (the red light flashes and it says FUEL) but the tank is about half full. I looked at some online parts fiches and didn't see anything that looked like a fuel level float or sensor -- can anyone point me in the right direction?
try posting at g r e e n h u l k dot net. all the polaris guru's are there.
e bay has them listed in the personal watercraft section, good luck
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