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I have a 2005 Kawasaki STX-12F and its in rough shape and i dont know where to turn now. They were serviced about 3 weeks ago (oil changed and spark plugs changed). The engine is misfiring terribly and has a bad lag on take off. I pulled all 4 spark plugs and they were still in mint condition but i had too much oil in the crankcase. Like a centimeter above the high mark on the grid on the dipstick so it looked like a small significant amount. So i pulled that out. My question is... will that be enough to screw with the engine and make it start misfiring? I am about to take it out in an hour with less oil in the crankcase so I will have to test it and see if that was the problem and i will update later on today. But i guess my question is if it is still misfiring then what should i turn to next?

UPDATE: Still misfiring and rough even after some oil was taken out of the over filled crankcase. Any ideas?


As a side note... Does anybody know of any good technicians in the Metro Atlanta area. There is a place called Motions Inc. where i take it in Marietta but they do a crappy job of service and they are very expensive so I am looking for a better place to take them so if anybody knows of a good place around the Metro Atlanta area let me know your suggestions.
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