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So I just want to emphasize how important it is to ensure your seat is latched before taking off for a ride. Saturday I took off for a quick rip and lost it on a sharp turn. As I flew off into the water I noticed the seat was coming with me. I guess I clipped the back in but the front hook wasn’t engaged. So the seat actually looked like it was on correctly. As the sea doo turned up right it was very apparent it had taken on copious amounts of water and was just barely floating! One more wave and she was gone for sure. Lucky for me I was about 50 feet from shore. I pulled it up as far as I could and bailed it out. It took me aprox two hours to get the water out of the hull, collect the tools necessary to get it running, and give the battery enough charge to crank the motor. I pulled the plugs, grounded them, and then began cranking until the waster was gone. I then sprayed the cylinders with fogging spray and two stroke oil. Lastly I dried the plugs and re installed.. after about 1 min of cranking the machine began to run again.. I drove it the rest of the weekend without any problem. PHEW

Can anyone for see any future recourse to my actions!?!?!?

Did i mention its a buddies machine?!?!?!:boxing_smiley:
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