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sbt's honesty

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looks like this is where the wetherby motor thing stands,the motor did have the correct sleeves in the cylinders that were listed,so in sbt's corner the motor was probably assemembled o'kay,problem is there are basically two versions of the 1050 motor,one with boost ports and one without,the 98 and later 1050's had no boost ports,97 and earlier did,running a late motor in an early hull should only result in lower rpm's and a rich midrange,running an early motor in a late hull would create a lean condition and burn it up,the carb jetting and different sized carbs used across all those hulls causes i figure sbt will say,oh the guy who had the ski ordered the wrong motor,i say how???what idiot doesn't know the year of his ski,and on top of it why doesn't sbt(knowing that there are two very different setups and what will happen)stress how important it is to get the year right and that someone should double check to make sure(on both ends)that a thousand dollars doesn't get pissed down the drain.but hey why should sbt care???they got their money right???besides whats more likely,you don't know what year your ski is??or some flunky grabbed the wrong motor by mistake??
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There's actually 3 different engines.
97 SL-1050/SLTX 009's
98 SLXH 081's
98-99 SLX/SLTX 019's

And yah, I was a little disappointed.
Between rings, gaskets, a cylinder, and jets, I'll be out $200+. Because someone made a mistake.
Not to mention 6 months of chasing carb issues.
wetherby i got the boot. so i am on here for now. LOL

sbt wrote me and said they only sell 2 versions of the 1050 motor,one with boost ports and one without
WTF man??
What'd I miss??
But why ban a f'n Unbiased good guy??

What the hell did Jay do to the cock biter??
He spoke the truth, the thread has probably already been deleted. You didn't here this from me but I'm also no longer at the site. Be sure to tell everybody where we are. They want tech stuff, this is going to be the place.

Be sure to let the 4 stroke guys know where they can actually get some REAL help.
I'm burning that bridge as we speak.
Thread deleted.

What a Pussy!!
I'm sure he'll be watching the Polaris movement like a hawk, sad to be worried when you're the one who started all the crap. I wonder just how much they wish they could take the whole last week back?
ph2ocraft and matrix ,and all the other guys from that other site can turn this place around in know time the polaris site over there has some great minds and i know they will follow you here . good luck .
Just banned.

I'll call dickheads owner Monday.

He needs to stop drinking.
man wetheby , that was fast we need to get the word out on where to come for all your polaris info .
This will be the place for Polaris conversation and tech information.
Al, what'd I miss??

Jay was more helpful than most, and was unbiased. WTF??
I'll let him tell it as I wasn't on when it happened.
Yeah what did you do wetherby?

I mean I know why me, Al and Jay are banned...
Alright guys.

clue in a web dumbass like me.

WTF is going on here?

Who did the massive "breach"?
Yikes guys. I didn't see what happened either. I guess the once great Polaris forum will never be the same there. Nice avatar Al!
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