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Hello, I'm use to working on projet cars, so I'm a newbie to jet skis. Working on a wetjet 432 that came with no impeller. I have one but have been told it is a FREE FLOAT SYSTEM. Can you explain to me how a free spinning shaft in the donut of a prop NOT FIXED to the shaft can propell a jet ski?? And why is there than a grove in the shaft and two in the prop along with a pin hole in shaft? Just boggled, please explain.
signed, confused:dunno:
Ok. I'll do my best to explain without seeing a picture. Your Impellar is like a centifugal pump. It displaces fluid thru the vane opening as it rotates about the shaft. I'm guessing there is a keyway (groove) along the shaft that the impellar sits on which allows it to rotate with the shaft. When they use the term, "free float", it means the impellars is free to slide forward and aft inside the diffusor during different intervals of thrust and not locked in place by a snap ring or pressed agianst a bushing locking it in place (fixed). This is good for fresh water riding.

If in salt water, you would get high saline content and it can corrode your impellar prematurely, therefore you would want a fixed impellar.
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