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Sea Doo: 1 second warning buzzer and it won’t turn over.

I have a 95 GTS with a 587 motor. The safety lanyard switch is only a switch and this ski does not have the security key feature.

I was idling my ski in a circle for about 5 mins then the ski’s warning buzzer beeped 5 times then shut down the ski. This happened a couple of months ago and I have not been able to start it since.

Now every time I push the starter switch a buzzer will sound for 1 second. During this 1 second my fuel gage powers up, but the starter does not get power and the engine does not turn over. After 1 second the buzzer goes off and the power to the fuel gage cuts out.

I checked the battery and it is fully charged.
I checked the Thermo switch for continuity and it is as is should be, a open circuit at room temperature. To double check that circuit I tried 3 things.
1. Disconnected the temp sensor wire from the sensor. The buzzer still sounds for 1 second.
2. Disconnected the temp sensor wire from the electronics module. The buzzer still sounds for 1 second.
3. I grounded out the sensor wire. That changed the length of the beep from 1 second to 2 seconds.

So I need to know what a 1 second warning beep means. I am guessing a 2 second one means that the thermoswitch is overheated and closed.

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More info on this issue

Response to Seadoosnipe:

It sounds like your mpem is bad.....or the ignition relay, which is integrated with the module.

I hope not. I think the mpem shut down the ski in a valid overheat condition. I bet it is working right. Remember the buzzer is sounding, the fuel gage powers up then it cuts out after the buzzing. It looks to be stuck in some Fault condition indicated by a 1 second beep not a 2 second beep.

Thre is a test for checking it to see if it's bad or not.

I checked the ohm readings of the MPEM I/O with a Fluck 85 DVM and they all passed the tests that my Clymer manual showed in a table format.

You can also, pull your plugs, ground them to the head, put the lanyard on and jump the solenoid. See if the plugs have spark. If all your switches are set to run and you get no spark, this can only be in the mpem.

I have removed the starter power cable from the starter relay and connected it to the positive termainal of the battery. The starter works and the engine turns over with no problem. I also tested out the starter selonid with the 4 tests called out in the Clymer manual. I did not jump the starter relay because I was afraid of screwing up something electronic. That does not tell me why the buzzer is going off.

You sound like you know how to use a multi meter......there are several wires you'd have to check for ohms......but I don't have enough time at the moment to type it all in here.

As stated above the modual tested OK per the test table in my Clymers.

Because the DESS didn't come out till 96, only on some models and integrated to all in 97, you have the simple module with the relay, and rev limiter.......that's about it.

Yes, I wanted to make it clear that this is not a DESS key issue. I used to be able to start the jetski by holding the lanyard switch down.

Here is some additional information.
If I remove the lanyard nothing happens when I push the start button.
If I put the lanyard on or hold it in with my finger then I get the 1 second power up and beep.
If I remove the harness to the engine stator then nothing happens when I push the start button
If I reconnect the harness from the engine to the electric box and push the start button I get the 1 second beep
I connected the electronics box up to a spare stator and the 1 second beep still happen.
Because I determined that the buzzer would not sound nor would the fuel gage power on if the stator was not connected I ohmed out my stator.
The ohms between the Y and Y/B and the R and the B/? where in spec.
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