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Sea-Doo Debuts 255-hp PWC

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Sea-Doo is now the horsepower king with two of its personal watercraft touting 255-hp engines. Dubbed the “X models,” Sea-Doo unveiled the RXP-X and RXT-X, hopped up versions of its two- and three-seater musclecraft, at a recent press introduction on Northern California's Lake Shasta.

Sea-Doo nailed the color scheme of the RXT-X.
The new engine is based on Sea-Doo's 215-hp supercharged Rotax 4-TEC engine that powers the RXP, RXT, GTX Limited and Wake models. The 255-hp motor utilizes a larger supercharger and intercooler that produces a reported 20 percent more boost pressure, along with bigger fuel injectors and a remapped ignition system that creates an ideal fuel/air mixture.

The new RXP-X and RXT-X have some aggressive-looking features. They look fast and feel even faster. According to Sea-Doo, the RXP-X runs from 0 to 50 mph in 2.9 seconds. Both of the watercraft handle as well as the standard RXP and RXT and are especially fun coming out of a turn.

Special features include a X-pattern billet steering column, a billet finger throttle and a billet Variable Trim System, which lets you jump between two preset positions with two quick taps on the rocker switch (a new feature for 2008 in the RXP215, Wake and the X models).

Wakeboarding behind Sea-Doo’s Wake is even better with the new ballast system.
Also new is a cool ballast system for the Wake models. An industry first, the quick-connecting system sits securely on the rear platform and uses water pressure from the watercraft's pump to fill the tanks. It's innovative and a perfect addition to a Wake-specific watercraft. When full, the system adds 200 pounds to the stern, which creates a much firmer wake for launching. The surface of the system is finished in nonskid and there's even footrests for the rear-facing spotter.

Sea-Doo also introduced some new color schemes within its lineup and announced that it will offer a 215-hp GTX along with the standard GTX 155.

For the full story on both Sea-Doo's and Yamaha's new-for-2008 models, check out the October issue of WaterCraft World.
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:thumbsup: its pretty awesome...mine is delivered on wed.
seadoo is really making some impressive skis this year. The new engine features the metal washers instead of those crumby ceramic ones =P. Also like Truebluefan said, the new wake features that attatchment that makes more of a wake. That is awesome =P. But then the nearest competition to the new rxp/t-x is going to be the SHO. Can't wait until we get people doing some water tests :)
Nice Ski,

Did you water test it yet?

yes the x's are gonna be nice skis no doubt about it.... but the motor is hopped up (more boost bigger/scblade & IC) (255hp) from the factory which means less room for us to work with (mods).

the SHO on the other hand is 1800cc tuned down (220hp), which leaves alot of room for us to work with:) and the motor is lighter!

a few aussies have SHO's already but there not sharing anything on performance...

theres a complete write up on the 250x, sho-cruiser, rxt-x, coming out later this week
I heard the new Yami hull gave a rough ride in the chop because it was less forgiving:dunno:
skooter525 said:
I heard the new Yami hull gave a rough ride in the chop because it was less forgiving:dunno:

i dont know where you heard that from, but there all great in the chop.... yammi is using an all new nano-cell tech hull.. less forgiving? all the new 3-seaters are over 10 1/2 feet,, they love the chop!
Just got back from a magazine test of the RXT-X, SHO, and the Ultra 250. Can't give too many details but the production RXT-X and the SHO performed better than pre-production. All three very fast. RXT-X and SHO less than than 1 mph difference top speed. All three under 2 sec. 0 to 30 mph. The shoot out should be in May issue of Boating magazine.
c'mon rag cant give details:rolleyes: , all the skis are out,, its no big secret.....

heres the link to the musclecraft shootout that was done last week...

Green Hulk PWC Performance Forums - Announcements in Forum : Yamaha Personal Watercrafts
Sorry Remy... I didn't want to step on Boating magazine as a professional courtesy. This was the first test of production models where all the manufacturers were there to officiate. The numbers were quite a bit different than the link you provided and were very different from Dream Demo. RXT-X and SHO were very close and ran one mph faster than any time I've seen so far. The Ultra 250 came in third at 66-plus mph. The production SHO got the best fuel economy burning a gallon-plus less that the RXT-X at WOT and saving more at cruising speed. This is the first fuel flow test of the production engines by a magazine. Ultra 250 was third. RXT-X continued to post the best 0 to 30 mph times with the SHO and Ultra 250 still under 2 sec. Again, this test will be in the May issue of Boating.
Last I heard, the RXTX was out infront by two boat lengths, followed by the RXT, SHO and Ultra250 all scary close. This was a really good test too, all brand new from the dealer, broken in for 5 hours as per manufacturer instructions, 5 gallons of fuel in each. RXT and SHO were neck and neck the hole time, with the RXT ahead by less than a second on the majority of runs.
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