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I'm in the market for a slightly used or leftover PWC. I'm looking for a 3 person, 4-stroke recreational PWC. I don't need any more the 155hp.

Over the years I've noticed most people in my area have SeaDoo's. When I started my search I was only looking at SD's. As I spend more time looking, I've noticed that the Kawa STX 12F looks like a nice option. There are very few Kawa's in my area so it's hard to get opinions.

The main advantage I've noticed is SeaDoo's "closed loop cooling". I will be riding in salt water and like the idea of not using water to cool the engine.

Aside for the cooling system, can anyone give me any first hand experience with either brand? General feedback, known issues, reasons to buy one over the other?

Any information is appreciated.

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Stay as far away from Sea Doo as you can! They are the worst out there. Go with either Kawasaki, Yamaha or Honda. Yamaha has been getting the best reviews as of late with Kawasaki second. Honda is not as fast but they have good reliability. All of the rest are crap!
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