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I'm a new owner and purchased them for christmas. I have two skis one 97 GTI that works fine, but the speedo is not working correctly, and the other one 97 XP takes on water. I did put the plugs in, and to see where it was leaking I filled the bottom of the ski with water. I found it leaking by the pump on the back of the ski on the bottom of the 4 bolts that hold that plate on. A little was coming from the pump itself, but most was from the bolts and dripped onto the ride plate. I was wondering if anyone could help me. The previous owner never tested them after he had the pump seal or pump thing worked on by his friend. I'm not sure what else has been messed with, but it's running premix now, and the fuel gauge doesn't work. The intake grate is missing and was broken off. Can someone help me put this thing back in perfect condition. If there is a schematic, or paperwork dealing with taking the back plate off, I would appriciate it. I am very handy and should be able to fix this as long as it's fairly simple to do.

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