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Seadoo GTI SE 155 Key Not Recognized/Fuel Pump Humming Noise

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Hey everyone, new member after lurking on the forum for a year and learning so much already from everyone. Finally having an issue I wasn't able to figure out from existing posts, here goes nothing

I have a 2011 GTI SE 155. I bought it at the end of last season, and at the start of this season I replaced the battery as the previous owner said the old one was inconsistent. After putting 4-5 hours on it this year, I had a situation where some water spray came in the front compartment while it was open and likely got some of the components wet. After that happened, the following issues started to occur on the way home:

  • when driving back home at high speeds (40-50) the speedo would randomly shoot up to 60-70 (the ski tops out at 54, so impossible to get to 60-70) then the ski would "cut off". Slowing the ski down to 0, and then driving again would be fine until the same issue would happen again. I never turned the ski off in fear of it not turning back on in the middle of the bay
  • Once I made it back home, the ski did not start again. Initially, the key was not recognized so based on feedback from the forum, I changed the DESS post first.
  • The ski still did not start after changing the DESS post, but I did start hearing a weird humming noise coming from the fuel pump. This humming noise comes on even with the key not being recognized (2011 Seadoo GTI SE 155 Fuel Pump Humming)
  • I changed the fuel pump to a new OEM part and the issue continued, the key still did not get recognized the the fuel pump makes the humming noise.
  • After further searching on the forums, I then changed the starter relay solenoid as some said those could go bad. That still did not fix the issue, key still not recognized and fuel pump still making the humming noise

I have to disconnect the battery or unplug the fuel pump to stop the noise and have the infotainment screen stop saying "reading key". 1 time in the last 50 or so attempts did the key get recognized, and started right up. I checked all the fuses and relay and they all appear fine, and have cleaned all terminals that I have access to in that front compartment.

What other areas should I be looking to test? Since it did start once, (after replacing all the parts mentioned above), is it possible there is just something loose or rubbing somewhere causing a short or not full power to be sent through? Could the ECM be bad? Any feedback would be amazing and happy to share any further pictures or videos of what I am seeing
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I believe I have found the issue. Posting for anyone in the future experiencing something similar. I checked the wiring behind the fusebox and one of the wires was corroded/oxidized very badly. The bad wire was the one going into the relay as well. Going to work on re-wiring this portion and will update if that is the final fix


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Unfortunately the bad wire was not the issue. I took it out after it starting and running no problem while on the floating dock, and the ski cut out on me while driving and immediately died. The humming noise from the fuel pump came on, and I was not able to re-start the ski. I had to get towed in. My mechanic thinks the issue is with the harness and the wires going into the fusebox, because if I shake the harness wiring when the fuel pump makes the noise, it will stop and I can start the ski. Does anyone have experience with their harness being shot?
Unfortunately I am not getting any help from the forum here, so I will continue to post updates for any future users who may encounter a similar issue. I ended up changing 6 wiring pin connectors to the back of the fusebox due to corrosion. 4 were from wires that had obvious corrosion, and 2 were from the 2 red wires coming off the positive terminal battery line (right where it connects to the starter solenoid). I took the ski out, it ran great, no issues, until I hit a large wave and IBR module error came on and the ski was dead. No way to reset or turn back on, so I had to get towed back in. I then ended up changing 4 more wiring pin connectors (for the IBR module and control) and the ski started back up with no more check engine code or IBR module errors on the dash. I have not taken the ski out yet to test, but this continues to be corroded terminals in the fusebox rather than anything mechanical. I do believe this corrosion has been going on since before I bought the ski since I don't believe there is a way to get that much corrosion on 10+ pins within minutes. Will update this thread after another test run to see where the situation stands.
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Final update - replacing the terminal connectors that go to the IBR related fuses (power and control) seemed to have fix the latest issue. The ski ran great for a half hour with no cut outs or turn offs. Ultimately this was all electrical related with corrosion eating away at the connectors into the back of the fusebox. Hope this thread helps someone in the future!
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