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SeaDoo or Bombardier?

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Ok, the answers may be biased since I'm posting in the SeaDoo section, but in all honesty which should I go with. Or, to be fair, why shouldn't I get a Bombardier. I'm not well versed with the models available but just at the research point and looking at the build & quality.
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same company
Shows you how much I know :laugh:

Well if you had to choose between the two, which one would you go with and why? Thanks for the help :D
what r u looking for
2 seater, decent power and good maneuverability.
a sea doo and bombardier are pretty much the same thing.

i.e what yamaha is to Waverunner

Bombardier is to Sea doo (or vice versa)
Hydroplane said:
2 seater, decent power and good maneuverability.
let us know what u are looking at
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