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seadoo runs better on reserve tank

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Hi my 1996 GTI keeps dying in regular fuel setting but when i switch to reserve it runs better but dies at full throttle I have clean the fuel filter so far ..Thanks for any ideas:( :(
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I'd be willing to bet your fuel selector valve is clogging up and needs to be replaced. Do you still have the grey tempo fuel lines? If you do you need to replace the fuel lines as they are known for deteriorating inside.
When you say you cleaned the fuel filter do you mean the one at the front of the ski or the little ones inside the carbs?
When the tempo fuel lines deteriorate they clog the little fuel filters inside the carbs. These will need to be cleaned out as well.
Hi drew thanks for answers and i did clean the front filter I didnt know about the little filters in the carbs and yes i still have the glay lines can the selector be cleaned out?
seadoo running better on reserve tank

Hi Drew thanks for the suggestions and i did clean the front filter not the little ones and yes i still have the grey lines , can the selecor be cleaned? thanks for the help Rod
hello Drew yes the lines are grey and I did clean the front filter where are the little filters located in the carbs? and can the selecor be cleaned or just reolaced thanks for your suggestions rod
You can try cleaning the selector. Sometimes it's as easy as blowing compressed air through it. Just remember when you remove the three lines going to the selector mark them so you know which lines goes where. A permanent marker helps.
The carb filter is located under the fuel pump on the front carb. It is where the fuel lines attach and there is the "pulse" line attached also. On the rear carb instead of a fuel pump there is a plate to be removed with the filter under it.
Thanks Ed i have found and cleaned filters and will mark lines have you ever heard of filter in gas tank plugging?
Yes but as far as I know only the RFI and DI boats have fuel filters on the fuel pumps which are located in the gas tank. Your pwc has a carb so no filter in the gas tank. Although it is possible that fuel deteriorated in the fuel pickup also known as the fuel baffle and gummed it up it is extremely rare. As mentioned above if you have the gray fuel lines marked TEMPO they will need to be changed. If they are breaking down internally they will reclog your filters in no time. You say your pwc dies at full throttle - can you restart it immediately or how long does it take?
Thanks Ed and the seadoo started right back up and quit at full throttle but Im learning I cleaned carb filters and put on a new selector valve the other was clogged I dont know if you guys know but Seadoo has a recall and replacing some fuel tanks so Im getting that and have them check my baffle screen when it is appart I havent had it back on the lake since I dd all this but Ill keep you posted ..thanks Bob
when you remove the screw, cap, and nut from the fuel switch you push the fuel valve down into the engine compartment right?
when you remove the screw, cap, and nut from the fuel switch you push the fuel valve down into the engine compartment right?
Yes that is correct
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